Wireless IR Emitter
Wireless IR Emitter
Wireless IR Emitter

Wireless IR Emitter


The HDL-MPE04-RF.18 iSmart panel is simple to use with four push buttons and central rotary dial with an integrated OLED display.

Wireless IR Emitter
Wireless IR Emitter
Wireless IR Emitter

Wireless IR Emitter, which adopts HDL Buspro Wireless communication, enables IR control of devices such as air conditioners, TVs, fans, etc. by downloading various infrared codes stored in the database via HDL Buspro Setup Tool, or downloading infrared codes learned by infrared learner.

■Directly drive LED emission tube.

■ 3 IR emission channels.

■Supports 10 devices and 100 infrared learning codes.

■Supports a variety of remote control types. You can find the brand you need and determine the model number by trial code

■When there is no infrared code required in the database, you can learn the codevia the infrared learner and then download it to the device.

■Sequence function supports simultaneously emitting multiple infrared codes. The sequence can be called by the universal switch, with general switch number:201-208.

■Built-in clock for timing, supports 16 alarm reminder control.

■Temperature detection and broadcast.

■Compliant with IEEE.802.15.4 standard.

■Supports online update.

■Supports easy programming via HDL ON APP.

Basic Parameters:

Working voltage: 5V DC (From USB)

Working current: 20mA / 5V DC

IR emission carrier frequency: 38kHz

IR Control distance (Channel 1): 5m

Communication: Buspro wireless

Wireless transmission power: +10dbm

Wireless sensitivity: -90dbm

Indoor communication distance: ≤30m

RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication): >-80dbm


WPAN(China): 780 to 786MHz

SRD(Europe): 864 to 870MHz

ISM(North America): 904 to 928MHz

DefaultPSK: HDL-SecurityKey0

External Environment:

Working temperature: -5℃~45℃

Working relative humidity: ≤90%

Storage temperature: -20℃~60℃

Storage relative humidity: ≤93%


Dimensions: Φ120x37(mm)

Netweight: 125g

Housingmaterial: PC

Installation: Free standing or wall hanging

Protectionrating (Compliant with EN 60529): IP20

Battery: LIR2032 3.6V

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