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What You Need to Know About HDL Automation

The release date:2021/9/8 0:00:00

This is the age of technology, and if we have learned anything from the past couple of years, it is the fact that we are increasingly turning to smart technologies. That means that you can easily control utilities, features of your home, and appliances via your mobile device to make life more convenient and secure and even spend less on household bills. 


For example, you can have your thermostat turn the AC up about an hour before you return to work, so you don't have to return to a stuffy house, or you can put your lights on schedule so that they turn off when you usually go to sleep. These are just a few of the benefits you get from this innovation.


The concept of home automation was only a thing for the rich a few decades ago; today, its popularity is in no doubt due to its affordability and the ease of life it provides. Home automation companies have also been on the rise, jostling to make their mark in the automation arena.


There are many names in the home automation business today, but one provider that has distinguished itself in the industry is HDL Automation.



What is HDL Automation?

HDL Automation is an international automation technology company with its headquarters in Guangzhou, China, providing smart automation solutions for homes, commercial buildings, and the hospitality industry. We at HDL Automation provide comprehensive smart control systems as well as integrated home and building automation solutions. 


Through over 30 years, we have built a solid reputation and a sales and service network that comprises distributors, dealers, and engineers in more than 100 countries and regions all over the world.


Our products and solutions have been adopted in thousands of projects worldwide, such as the Dubai International Airport, the Australian Institute of Architects 41X, Macau Morpheus Hotel, Beijing MOMA multi-dwelling apartment buildings, Hotel Park Dobrograd in Russia, and more.


What Solutions Does HDL Provide?

1. Smart Home Solutions

We at HDL offer smart home automation solutions that let you create a living space you desire. The HDL system infuses smart home technologies into your daily life. You can connect your lights, curtains, air conditioners into the HDL system and use your wall panels or smartphone and tablet to control them.

2. Lighting Control

Our smart home automation system connects various lighting devices making it simpler and more convenient to control your lighting. This solution is not only to turn on and off lights but also to adjust the brightness, color, and temperature of the light.

3. Shading Control

We at HDL Automation offer the right solution for shading; our smart home systems can control curtains and blinds. Intelligent shading control ensures the creation of a balance between natural and artificial light sources. Doing this allows you to create lighting harmony in your home.

4. Audio & Video Devices

Our smart home solutions allow for background music and home cinema control. The "Scenes" features allow you to link audio and video devices. For example, soft music can accompany light regulation in the dining room while on dinner mode. Or the lights can dim to a suitable level when watching TV.

5. Safety & Security

Our wide range of sensors and modules can be easily integrated into your home's security system. Even more, you can check your home's status with our smart home automation system wherever you are in the world and get notifications when a threat is detected.

6. Remote Control

Take charge of your home wherever you may be in the world. If you have left your home but forget to turn off the television, you can control your device in real-time from your mobile phone using one of our smart home automation systems.

7. Scene Control

With scene control, you can enjoy the convenience of controlling multiple devices. For example, you can create a "romantic" mode, and when you select it, the system can close the curtains, reduce the color lights, and play a piece of soft background music.

8. Timing Event

You can schedule an event preset to take place any time, whether to have the curtains open in the morning or for the garden plants to be irrigated.

9. User Interface

We design smart home solutions that are guaranteed to provide comfort and convenience. Not only do you have the ability to control your devices through smart panels, but you can do the same from your smartphone through the HDL ON smartphone app available for iOS and Android-powered devices.



What Are the Automation Systems Offered by HDL Automation?

HDL Automation's product portfolio consists of four comprehensive automation systems: Buspro, Buspro Wireless, KNX, and Zigbee. These distributed systems connect with most electrical devices and appliances in a building, LED lamps, and more, which users can control from a wall panel, mobile app, or PC. Tasks can even be run automatically without any interference using sensors and logic settings.


1. BUSPRO Wired System: A Powerful and Flexible Automaton System

The Buspro system makes it possible to connect conventional non-smart devices, providing automation for home features like lighting, heating, air-conditioning, background music, security, and more. With Buspro, users can control the home from one unified interface mounted on a wall or an app.


Buspro can be integrated with gateways or software to work with third-party smart systems or standalone products like smart speakers, smart door locks, etc. This technology can be used in the home, office, hotels, large complexes, and gymnasiums. The scale and function of the system can be tweaked according to the user's needs.


2. BUSPRO Wireless System: An Easy-To-Install Wireless Automation System

Buspro Wireless also connects to conventional devices, just like the HDL Buspro, but no rewiring is necessary in its case. The system can easily be installed by taking out the non-smart switches and replacing them with HDL smart panels. This makes it perfect for new buildings as well as existing buildings that are being renovated.


Buspro Wireless connects every device through mesh topology, ensuring every device in the system can receive and forward signals. If any device's signal input fails, it can receive signals from another device since devices have multiple signal input sources. This means users don't ever have to worry about signal problems.


3. KNX: A Worldwide Standard for Home And Building Control

We at HDL also employ the KNX standard for home and building control. The KNX solution is widely adopted all over the world. We are a manufacturing member of KNX that offers high-quality KNX products to the market. The HDL range of KNX products is used in commercial buildings across many industries, and HDL is introducing KNX to home automation.


4. ZIGBEE: An Open Wireless Standard for Home Automation

The Zigbee wireless protocol is an open domestic standard that allows for the communication between smart objects for home automation. Its attractive features include low-power, low data rate, as well as proximity.


HDL's home solution selection includes more than 20 wireless products, including gateways, sensors, smart panels, lighting controllers, curtain motors, and a brand-new mobile APP, ensuring users get the immersive smart home experience they desire.



Some Case Studies

Home Automation: Mexican Villa

This stunning five-bedroom villa located in Hidalgo, Mexico, epitomizes style, class, elegant avant-garde design, and a tasteful blend of modern technology. HDL provided full automated lighting, HVAC, and shading through the Buspro system, creating an environment that can adapt automatically according to the owner's needs.


The setup can operate autonomously or controlled through DLP panels and iOS/Android devices that provide the owner with a uniquely flexible control platform.


Commercial Automation: Popular Dessert Shop in Turkey

Vakko Patisserie is famous in Turkey for its exquisite appearance, delicious taste, and elegant French flavor. Vakko Patisserie provides a unique and wonderful experience is to improve the level of intelligence by applying the HDL intelligent lighting solution.


HDL intelligent lighting solution can change the lighting mode according to the season. Through HDL smart panel, Granite Display, there are various features for the customer to choose from,  including brightness, color temperature, color, etc.


HDL intelligent solution improves customer’s experience, and meets customer’s needs and adds brilliance to Vakko Patisserie’s present splendor.


Hotel Automation: Sheraton Fuqing Hotel in China

The international five-star Sheraton Fuqing Hotel implemented HDL guestroom control systems to control lights intelligently. 

HVAC and shading are made possible to create a home-like comfortable, and quality experience. 


For this project, various modes were set up to ensure all of the needs of the hotel are met. These include the welcome mode, warm mode, individual mode, and so on. 


The cooperation with HDL smart system helps the Sheraton Fuqing Hotel improve the guest’s accommodation experience, optimize resource allocation, and improve energy efficiency.



Today, HDL Automation is one of the most successful and trusted home automation brands because of the innovative solutions, reliable products, and exceptional customer service the company has offered over the years. Our solid and complete product line provides integrated solutions for residential and commercial buildings. Our commitment to relentlessly improve our product offering and application is why they have been one of the top brands for over 30 years.


Contact us or find the HDL Partner closer to you to get started on your home  automation journey!


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