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How to Design a Smart Hotel

The release date:2021/7/14 0:00:00

Throughout the pandemic that shut the world down in 2020, the hotel industry is just one of the many that have been hit hard. As you well know, most hotel rooms have remained empty as business as we know it has dwindled. 


The industry has lost millions of jobs and billions in revenue. There has never been more of an appropriate time than now to develop new ways to sustain a business while saving money on operating costs, attracting new customers, and giving your hotel an edge in the hospitality market. 


Technology has made this possible using smart devices harnessed by the Internet of Things, where there is one central control to all devices. Let’s talk about ways to make your hotel smarter, safer, and more business savvy. 


Learn more about how we at HDL Automation have helped hotels around the world and how we can make your hotel smarter too!



Choose Your Room Automation Setup

Why not improve your customers’ experiences by enhancing their convenience during their stay in one of your smart rooms? A smart room has fully embraced the Internet of Things to such an extent that customers can create bespoke experiences based upon their requirements. There are multiple ways to achieve this hotel automation that customers love through intelligent lighting, temperature, and window treatment systems. 


Cater to Your Guests’ Preferences

Just picture this – your customer makes a reservation indicating the ideal temperature he prefers. Shortly before his arrival, the room automatically comes to the perfect ambient temperature. The shades are drawn, and the lights are dimmed. 


Your weary traveler enters the room and is instantly comforted, becoming increasingly impressed by your hotel’s level of service. This scenario is not a work of fiction but becoming an increasing reality in multiple hotels worldwide. 



Ease of Access

A smart hotel room can have multiple components. The heating and air conditioning system automatically adjusts to your customer’s liking. Lighting turns on, off, or dims with the press of a button. Water temperature can be remotely controlled as well as shades and curtains. 


All of these features could be controlled by your customers’ smartphones or tablets as well. Guests who can enjoy more personalized and user-friendly controls will appreciate the fact that your hotel cares about their discrete environments. 



Consider Voice-ready Technology

Voice-ready technology brings the ultimate form of convenience to your guests. By speaking, television could be turned on, or a thermostat turned up or down. Particular music can be played or a favorite movie or television show. 


Guests could even request a wake-up call without picking up a telephone or reserve a seat at the hotel restaurant and massage at the spa. 


Personalized, voice-ready technology improves the customer experience and enables them to carry out comfort modes even faster than ever. Voice-controlled smart speakers can even narrate guest information as well as pertinent tourist-related activities in the area. 


Think About Going Green

Not only can smart thermostats be set to your guests’ likings, but they can also reduce your carbon footprint in the world. Some guests go out of their way to give business to companies who are kinder to the planet. 


Aside from this obvious benefit, having pre-set automatic controls can offer substantial cost-savings in operating costs. If temperatures exceed or dip below pre-determined settings, the heating and air conditioning system can automatically turn off. Smart lighting can also be programmed to turn on or off depending on sensed activity such as dimming upon guest exit. It can also be changed to reduce power and light emission depending on the natural light levels in the room. 


The only things that are on and consuming power in a non-occupied room are what you determine to be essential. What is not to love about reducing harm to the environment and saving money on operating costs at the same time? 



Consider Self-Service Kiosks and Automated Safety

Several hotels are doing away with traditional reception desks and methods of checking in and out. IoT-enabled self-service kiosks allow guests to check in on their phone or even through a computerized screen in the lobby, such as what is found at airports. 


They could even use their smartphones as keys to their rooms. This saves money on staffing and gives your guests more convenient ways of accessing their hotel rooms. Real-time monitoring of hotel assets can be done with ease. You will know where all of your luggage racks and cleaning carts are at all times and any other assets you may want to keep tabs on. You can imagine how more streamlined housekeeping could be. 


Don’t Forget About Smart Security Solutions

Guests, employees, and hotel owners need reassurance when it comes to all things safety-related. Among the possibilities include intelligent door locks and alert systems. Camera systems ranging from straightforward applications to more comprehensive in providing 360-degree views of the public and workspaces can be integrated into the smart system. 


Various security issues could be followed by a pre-determined reaction such as locking doors, sounding an alarm, alerting guests and staff of a potential threat, and even aid in evacuations in cases of potentially severe harm. 


Aside from peace of mind, smart security solutions can detect potentially threatening situations before becoming ones that cost the hotel insurmountable revenue through property damage. 



Providing your Guests with Personalized Experiences

Hotels are not just for sleeping anymore. The goal is to provide guests with distinctive moments and memories. Smart technology ensures that guests will access and enjoy all the features your hotel has to offer while benefiting from safety-minded approaches like never before. 


Increased connectivity to guest services and other staff members through intelligence is key to pleasing guests, keep them coming back, and attracting new ones. Happy guests are indirectly proportional to a greater return on investment in smart technology and a healthier revenue. It’s time to start reshaping your guests’ experiences and distinguish yourself from other competitors. 


Contact us at HDL Automation or find the HDL partner closest to your location!




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