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5 Smart Hotels Using Automation to Boost Their Guest Experiences

The release date:2021/7/7 0:00:00

Hotels around the globe are quickly changing how they present themselves to the public while instantly harnessing a larger market share with novel, intelligent approaches.


 Smart solutions can enhance the customer experience by providing comfort and connectivity while saving on operating costs and increasing efficiencies. These five hotels are stunning examples of the possibilities in fashionable, automated technology. 


The Morpheus Macau Hotel

This luxurious 40-story hotel sits in Morpheus, also known as the “city of dreams.” You can book any one of the 770 guest rooms or nine luxury suites that have been infused with intelligent technology. This mecca of entertainment is also home to 2 Michelin-starred restaurants, a Portuguese restaurant, a casino, a spa, and a sky pool. 



The entire establishment has been retrofitted with HDL intelligent lighting, HVAC, and shading solutions. The curtains are pre-programmed to open in the morning automatically. The lighting dims in the evening. These are just a few examples of the automation that has helped reduce energy consumption and increase efficiencies. 


Our engineers at HDL installed room control units in all guest rooms giving way to the customization of lighting, curtains, air conditioning, and television to each guest. All the control units were preset with modes defined by the hotel owners. Upon check-in, the welcome mode is initiated. Lights turn on. Curtains open, and the air conditioning system works to bring the room temperature to a comfortable level. Each guest room is also equipped with HDL Enviro panels, complete with the option for guests to alter settings to suit them best. The smooth, uninterrupted glass exterior and an aluminum unibody enclosure of the panels blend perfectly with the elegant indoor decoration. Each room also contains built-in temperature and proximity sensors that trigger the Enviro panels to wake up in the presence of the guest.  



Automation can be seen throughout Morpheus Macau Hotel in open public spaces. Once guests walk into the hotel lobby, they are instantly met with a few different custom lighting modes. These stunning first impressions are made possible by HDL intelligent lighting that always affords the lobby with an atmosphere of elegant lighting. This unique design is second to none when it comes to the display of luxuriousness. Other custom lighting features exist in the hotel corridors that lend themselves to both efficiency and safety. 




The Apurva Kempinski Hotel Bali

Apurva, in Sanskrit, means vast and extraordinary, which perfectly describes the Apurva Kempinski Resort in Nusa Dua Bali, which recently opened its doors for business. This stunning resort is home to 460 rooms, suites, and residential villas that beam with extravagance.




With breathtaking views over the Indian Ocean and a tropical garden, the Apurva Kempinski Bali offers a truly exclusive holiday experience. This five-star hotel on the island of Bali looks like a majestic open-air theatre with the incarnation of Indonesian elegance. With an array of quality services, guests from every corner of the planet travel far and wide to experience this hotel with a profound global reputation. 



Every detail in this resort has been painstakingly detailed, emitting management’s commitment to providing guests with comfortable and one-of-a-kind experiences inspired by exquisite European flair. For this reason, intelligent devices became indispensable to this hotel. All guestrooms and villas come complete with lighting control devices. When set to the welcome mode, the guest checking in is greeted with a room that comes to life when the door is opened. Indeed, this creates a very warm and welcoming environment. 


The presidential suites are also outfitted with rich, intelligent controls. HDL iFlex multifunctional panels allow guests to control lighting, curtains, air conditioning, exhaust fans, and much more. What is incredibly unique is that more features can be added to the system if required at any time in the future, and to top it off, the resort can do it all on its own. 




The Intercontinental O2 Hotel

The O2 International Hotel in London is another stunning and alluring example of intelligent automation. Brand new, this hotel sits above the River Thames, with views over Canary Wharf and The O2. This luxurious property encompasses 453 rooms, five high-level restaurants, 19 conference rooms, one event organizer’s office, a 1600 square meter function room, a large banquet hall with a 2400-person capacity, and other support facilities. The need to be efficient while delivering excellence was one of the many thoughts that went into designing the hotel’s intelligent devices.



To ensure that guests could genuinely benefit from the exquisite five-star service, the hotel management team sought out HDL products, including smart switch panels to allow guests easy control of the lights, curtains, and the heating and air conditioning system in each of the 453 rooms. As guests enter their room, the lights, curtains, and heating enter the preset welcome mode. When the guest exits the room for added efficiency, the system automatically shuts down while remembering previous preferences. Likewise, when the guest returns, the system automatically reverts to its previous setting. 



The system in each room is composed of a room control unit, sensor, doorbell panel, card access device, wall mounted intelligent control panel and the software interface. The interface provides control of all electrical equipment in the room, which can be controlled by WeChat. Upon check-in, the guest can scan a QR code omitting the need to download special mobile software. It also allows the guests to place special service requests in a quick, practical way. This hotel is a model example of how intelligent solutions can improve the management efficiency of the hotel, improve the guest accommodation experience, and help the hotel win more market share.



The Dubai Samaya Hotel Apartments

The Samaya Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in Dubai, providing affordable luxury for business and leisure travelers. Improving customer experiences was top on their priority list. Among their renovations in upgrading and redesigning their building was installing HDL intelligent systems in all 70 of their guest rooms and 141 apartments. With intelligent solutions, experiences are like none other in terms of cost-effectiveness and luxury. 



The Buspro wireless smart home system was installed in all guest rooms and apartments, giving occupants the ability to take seamless control of their lighting, curtains and shades, music, security, and air conditioning. Using sensors in these systems, soft, natural lighting illuminates the rooms to achieve optimal comfort. At the end of a day’s journey, or after a break from work, guests return to lighting that automatically comes upon entrance, beckoning their welcome. This system is unique because the color of lighting is also adjustable, bringing about a fun atmosphere. 



One fabulous feature of the system is how the functions are controlled. Guests can use iTouch smart panels. They can also control multiple essences of the intelligent system with one click. Preprogrammed modes include the scene, entertainment, sleep, and romantic modes. One of the best highlights is that different connected devices can communicate with each other. Therefore, the system improves the guest accommodation experience and hotel customer satisfaction and provides a solid guarantee for the hotel service. 




The Dobrograd Hotel

The Dobrograd Hotel, most impressive in its ability to provide a community-like effect, is much more than just a hotel. It is a whole city that includes apartments for living, schools, hospitals, child education, theater, parks, places for sports, and even a tiny airport in addition to a hotel. Located in the very center of Russia, in the very picturesque Vladimir region, it is just far enough removed from the town for guests to indulge in the fresh air, access to nature, and a fantastic landscape of wonder. 


Despite its air of rural and rugged features, the hotel itself contains 186 rooms and is equipped with the latest technical developments to further enhance their guests’ stays. While automation renovations are still underway, soon, all guest rooms will contain HDL systems, including room control units, a power supply, cardholders, doorbells, an Enviro-panel, iTouch panels, and curtain motors. 



A master control system installed in the hotel can alter the entire building’s lighting, air conditioning, heating, and curtain systems. What is most interesting is that the HDL system is wholly integrated with the HOTEZA-system so that guests can control everything through an application on their iPads and televisions. 



This showcase of hotels demonstrates the usefulness and desirability of smart systems. Intelligent solutions can be modified to fit any application in any corner of the universe. One thing is for sure - customers love the adaptability and personalization of these systems. Soon enough, traditional-styled hotels will be obsolete as intelligent hotels take their place.


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