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How to Design a Smart Kitchen

The release date:2021/2/23 0:00:00

If there’s one area of the home that brings everyone together, it’s the kitchen -the hub of your home. This is why you should take the design of your kitchen seriously. So, if you are looking to spice things up, upgrading to a smart kitchen is a worthwhile investment.


With the technological revolution upon us, the Internet of Things allows us to transform our homes with new and exciting tech for a smarter and easier life.


A smart kitchen is more than just the utilization of smart technology but manifests a layout designed to efficiently use spaces maximally. A smart kitchen combines utility with ergonomics making life easier and more convenient for you. So, if you are thinking about designing one, here’s how to get started.



1. Create Your Smart Kitchen’s Design

A smart kitchen involves a lot of moving parts coming together, thus requires careful and professional planning, as well as proper execution. Here are some things to keep in mind.


The 5 Zones to a Smart Kitchen

The average person walks to and from the kitchen at least 10 to 30 times daily, opening and closing drawers more than 40 times, and engaging in other activities like frying and cooking several times a day.


These large numbers can be a result of repetitive actions that are caused by disorganization and poor placement of items. But a smart kitchen, on the other hand, implements 5 zones.These 5 Zones include specific areas in the kitchen that if configured properly helps to organize the kitchen space efficiently to save time. These areas include:


1. Food storage

2. Food preparation

3. Pots and pans

4. Cleaning and waste

5. Dishes and cutlery


Food Storage

The food storage zone really explains itself. It’s the area where food not in use is stored, refrigerators and freezers can be found here. Ideally, this should be situated just right by the food preparation zone.


Food Preparation

This is the zone that includes things such as your kitchen counters, where you do the peeling, chopping, garnishing, etc. In addition to the stove, microwave, and other electrical appliances. Chopping boards, mixing bowls, spatulas, or seasonings can be found in cabinets or drawers in this area.


Pots and Pans

Since pots and pans make up most of the loose items in the kitchen, they deserve a zone of their own. This area should typically be close to the food preparation zone since that is where all you need to cook is located.


Cleaning and Waste Area

After the pots and pans, but away from the food preparation zone is the cleaning and waste area, which as you might guess, includes the sink, dishwasher, waste bin, and household cleaning implements.


Dishes and Cutlery

And finally, dishes and cutlery are not kept together with utensils used in preparing food. This zone is the area where you keep the actual cutlery that you eat with. It could get messy if individual cutlery keeps getting in the way as you cook. Dishes should be stored safely during food preparation, and only taken out when you are ready to serve a meal. This ensures safety and cleanliness.


2. Conduct In-depth Research & Request Professional Consultation

It is exciting to use smart technology in the kitchen because it can revolutionize how homeowners enjoy their kitchen space.However, before you start shelling out cash on smart kitchen appliances, speak to professional home remodelers and smart automation tech providers to know your options. These people will help you to design a smart kitchen that meets your requirements and is within your budget and doesn’t compromise the integrity of your space.


3. Request a 3D Design

Having provided you with a rough idea of what you want, your chosen design firm should be able to present this concept in a 3D design plan. With some professionals, you will get different versions of the blueprint.


However, since these blueprints are limited to sketches on paper, any request to change layout or color will take time to replicate. A 3D design, on the other hand, will let you make adjustments without the need of redrawing the whole design again. This will also let you see better how the outcome will look like with regards to how it translates to a physical room, rather than a sketch or picture.




Features to Add To Your Smart Kitchen

What’s a smart kitchen if you don’t include the right features in it? Make your busy life simpler and enjoy more convenient cooking with these high-tech essentials.


1. Smart Control Systems

It’s possible to control your kitchen using smart devices. Whether you use a smartphone or tablet, there are certain commands that work as long as no compatibility issues exist.


Some cool ways to accomplish tasks include Amazon Echo and Google Nest Hub. Long gone are the days where you needed to manually adjust things like unlocking a door, turning on lights, resetting a smoke alarm, or adjust a home’s temperature settings. You can now use voice commands or even a tap on your screen to elicit an action or seek help.


Smart devices can provide you with information by replying to verbal commands. Whether you want to convert teaspoons to grams or need a recipe for a Mediterranean dish, Alexa or Siri from smart speakers would be glad to assist you.


2. Smart Home Appliances

To provide greater experience, smart home appliances continue to upgrade their technology. Every day, newer developments in tech devices are emerging for designing smart kitchens, and it’s up to you to find the most useful ones. Here are some of the most popular smart appliances to add to your kitchen.


  • Smart Cooking: Smart technology provides voice assistants that let you set a timer or check weights when cooking.

  • Smart Ovens: Smart ovens make cooking less stressful. With smart ovens, you can get notifications when dinner’s ready or even remote control the oven with your smartphone. Some allow you to share recipes through your Wi-Fi.

  • Smart Hobs: Smart hobs let you cook large or multiple dishes and make an excellent choice for connoisseur chefs. Some smart hobs connect to your extractor hood automatically, which makes the job of cooking even easier.

  • Smart Refrigeration: Smart fridges have been making waves for a while now and for good reasons. They do not cool your food items, they can let you keep grocery lists, create a recipe index, watch TV on the display, leave short notes and reminders, set expiration for kitchen staples, and much more.

  • Coffee machine timers: Coffee machine timers allow you to set a time in advance as well as control temperature settings.



Innovative smart kitchen design has the potential of making your space unique. Whether you want to get the next-gen refrigerator or the next state of the art equipment for your kitchen that will make your life a little easier, the perfect upgrade to your space is by creating a smart kitchen.


If you are thinking about designing a smart kitchen today, HDL Automation is your trusted partner who will help to design the kitchen of your dreams by combining AI tech with space efficiency and integration.





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